Gotta go fast!

Whether it be on a track or in my code design, I love to be fast and efficient. I love making sure everything is optimized and performing at top notch speeds. When not coding, you can either find me behind the wheel or at the gym.

I first realized I loved software development when I started teaching myself Python and loved the ability to create something from scratch. Ever since then I've been learning new technologies and enhancing my skills and problem solving abilities.

Tools and Technologies

After discovering Python, I quickly started expanding my learning into different technologies. I discovered tons of backend/database technologies such as Ruby on Rails, PostgreSQL, Node.js, and MongoDB.

I also worked a lot on learning a few frontend technologies. In a few months I strengthened my skills in JavaScript, React/Redux, HTML 5, CSS 3, and even started incorporating Amazon Web Services and S3. I was ecstatic about building something on my own and once I could finally start a project from scratch, create a backend, and tie it to a frontend I began working on projects. It was exciting to be able to finally build something from scratch because it was something I wanted to do ever since I began my journey as a Software Developer.

By utilizing all these different technologies I've been able to make a few different kinds of projects that I'm excited and passionate about!
Check out some of them below!

My Projects

A glimpse into my passion projects...


A pixel perfect clone of the web app Turo. Uses PostgreSQL to host the database, Ruby on Rails for the backend, React/Redux for the frontend.


Similar to an AirBnB for garage spaces, P.A.R.C uses MongoDB for the database, Node.js for the backend, and React/Redux for the frontend.

Lightspeed Racer

An easy yet fast-paced game, LightSpeed Racer uses Canvas for creating the game space, JavaScript to handle game mechanics, and CSS for appropiate styling.

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